Harvest 2012

We can’t remember a better harvest and vintage since we started in the Oregon wine industry. The picking window was wide open and the flavor development and sugars were right on target with a “normal” Oregon harvest date, the first or second week of October. We leisurely applied the nets but the bird pressure was light and we didn’t feel the need to panic like the previous two seasons.

The warm Indian Summer was spectacular, not only for grape growers, but for all Oregonians it was a well deserved span of dry warm days in September and a gentle start to October and the threat of rain was not hanging over our heads. What a gift to boast of ripe, clean fruit and little or no need for sorting on the crush line. We had to watch dehydration from the drying winds toward the end but it wasn’t anything to lose sleep over.

October 9, we harvested early morning and were done picking by noon, quickly ran through the destemmer into the fermenters and the pumpovers were done by 4:00pm and we were on our way home! What a great day! I wish they were all like this!!


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