Harvest 2019

After several warm vintages in Oregon, 2019 brought us back to the historic challenges and excitement of growing grapes and making wine in Oregon.   Bud break – April 20th. Bloom third week of June – Verasion last week of August. 


Bonair Vineyard Chardonnay September 3rd

Potter’s Vineyard Estate Rosé of Pinot noir – Sept 14th

Konowac Vineyards Merlot – Sept 18th

Potter’s Vineyard Estate Pinot noir (done in two pickings) – Dijon 114 and and East Block Dijon 115 Clones -  Sept 25th

Pommard, Dijon 667, Dijon 777, and West Block Dijon 115 Clones – Sept 30th

Konowac Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon – October 3rd

After a normal to slightly early start of spring, we saw a very interesting summer with much cooler temperatures, unusual summer rains, and a wet fall with some heavy rains to dance around during harvest.  The Rosé harvest was pleasant resulting in crisp acids and red fruit flavors, but the Pinot Noir harvest had us on edge.  There was a lot of pressure this year from some powdery mildew on some leaves (but not grape clusters, whew!), lots of hungry birds that came with the longer hang time, and a labor issue that led to us doing a lot more of the picking ourselves.  This is when we are fortunate to be small (and have a great wine club who helped with the Rosé harvest).  The excitement came with the Pinot Noir harvest, getting word that our crew bailed on us with only a couple of days notice.  Thus we decided to harvest the Pinot Noir in two pickings pulling the more floral and delicate 114 clones and part of our lowest tannin 115 clones on the earlier harvest and the Pommard, 667, 777, and the rest of the 115 clones later. 

The first fruit picked is definitely showcasing some great acidity and a lighter, more elegant nature, but we are once again amazed at the rich flavors we are getting from the Pommard & 777 barrels.   It will be a fun year blending our Dario, Barrel 17 Select and Estate Reserve barrels to find the perfect balance of newer French Oak, Acidity and smooth round tannins.  Although very different years weather wise, the 2019 vintage will be much more similar to the 2017, lighter and more elegant than what has been typical in our 8 years at this 19-year-old vineyard.  This doesn’t appear to be a bad thing since we just received word that our 2017 Barrel 17 Select received the Gold Medal from the SIP – McMinnville Wine and Food Classic!  Cheers to that!

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