putting our heads, hands, and hearts together

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark". Michelangelo. 
Michelangelo has had a big influence on The Potter’s Vineyard.  It was after a trip to Italy in 2011 when Bill and Sandy saw Michelangelo’s work one day and the next day were in the home of Italian winemakers. It was not ironic that the next year Bill and Sandy met Laura Volkman, who’s premier wine club was named the ‘Michelangelo’ or M-club.
A partnership was formed where Laura taught Bill the 1,000 steps of growing and making premium Pinot Noir wine...the outcome of which is ‘this place’ where you can relax in the vineyard, savor the tastes, and learn all about it during your visit here.
From Tigard, Oregon, Bill and Sandy purchased Laura Volkman’s estate vineyard in September, 2012.  Bill brings his 30 year career in the nutritional sciences and Sandy provides the inspiration gained from her Italian heritage of good food and family dinners with wine made by her Grandfather.  Their passion for handcrafted old-world style wines will be in every bottle made from this limited production, boutique vineyard. Bill and Sandy can't wait to welcome you home.

Art began to take notice of wine in the 1970s, but only after splitting a case of early 70's vintage Louis Martini red with his future wife in 1984, was he hooked. 
Soon he discovered that big name wineries don’t always have the best wines or prices and that the smaller family-run wineries are where the wine is still made in small, affordable batches by people who care about quality.
Making wine with Bill and Sandy is not like the fantasy pictures on wine magazine covers. It’s labor intensive and complex; a fusion of hard work, science, and, truly, art. 



Gretchen is awesome.


Melinda is Bill and Sandy’s daughter.  She is a Tasting Room Associate, helps at harvest, and takes Mr. Boots for walks in the vineyard.
Melinda enjoys trying new wine and was so excited when her parents bought the Vineyard.  She enjoys talking with people and hearing their excitement about Potter’s Vineyard wine.
“This makes it simple for me to work at the tasting room and the winery pouring wine.  Throughout high school I was able to taste the wine dad was making - this got me used to tannins.  Therefore, I’m a cab girl and my favorite is the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon.”  However, her Dad is amazed at her sensory abilities to pick up even the subtle nuances of a very light Pinot bouquet.
Melinda is a Certified Nursing Assistant at OHSU.  She lives in SW Portland and looks forward to her visits to the Vineyard for a taste of the country.
Artist, designer, and manifold crafter, Elan Levy, is a smith with many irons in the fire. He holds a Bachelors of the Arts Degree of Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts from the University of California, San Diego.
His handwork includes UI/UX, Product, and Graphic Design for various fields and platforms, and assisting with vineyard maintenance and wine-making.
Elan enjoys good cups of coffee. 






A very integral and hard-working member of the team, Mr. Boots has kept the moral high for four  rigorous harvests.
His talents are unparalleled. From always finding the warmest spots to curl up in a ball to chasing grape-pecking birds, he is our mascot and model wine cat.
Boots is looking forward to your head scratches.